Here are 4 great examples of entrepreneurs in the bible:


Abraham was a successful businessman in the cattle industry of his time.  He owned plenty of livestock and was in charge of groups of herdsmen employees who managed the livestock on his behalf (Genesis 13:2, Genesis 13:8). The nature of his business allowed Abraham to freely move from place to place as directed by God.  At some point his business expanded so much that he had to separate from his nephew Lot, as the land could not contain them both.  Abraham’s business continued to grow as he walked with God and became very wealthy (Genesis 26:3).  


Solomon was blessed with wisdom from God and this wisdom certainly showed up in his business decisions.  He was an entrepreneur who had various business interests, including international trade and merchant ships (1 Kings 10:22-29, 2 Chronicles 9:13-14).  He took advantage of the trade routes that ran through his kingdom at the time, which brought a considerable amount of wealth to the nation (1 Kings 10:27).  He also formed profitable partnerships with nearby kings and queens, such as the Queen of Sheba (1 Kings 10:1-13).

Proverbs 31 Woman

The woman of virtue described in Proverbs 31 has an entrepreneurial spirit about her.   She has a strong work ethic (Proverbs 31:17;  makes and sells her own products (Proverbs 31:24); makes sound investments (Proverbs 31:16) and is even able to make a profit (Proverbs 31:18) – all while raising a family and running a home!  She’s certainly an inspiration for aspiring female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs today. 

Apostle Paul

We all know the apostle Paul as the person who wrote most of the New Testament.  He was trained as a Jewish lawyer and later became an entrepreneur by making and selling tents (Acts 18:3).  It’s likely that Paul chose to go into business because of the flexibility it gave him to focus on his primary calling as an apostle.   


Can you think of any other examples of entrepreneurs in the bible?

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  1. Nicholas Webb Reply

    I’ve been doing some thinking, wasn’t Nehemiah also an entrepreneur? Because one of the ways entrepreneurs get things done is by funding using other people’s money OPM. This would be known as hard money, or private money in this case. Hmmm

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