3 Ways to Achieve Excellence In Your Work

As a Christian do you ever think of the impact your work can have on others?  The work you do has the potential to change lives for good or for bad.  That’s why the marketplace and the world at large would be a much better place if each individual worked with excellence.  Make up your […]

3 Ways to Do Ministry in the Marketplace

 The spiritual gifts and five-fold ministry callings are not limited to the confines of the church building.  Some people are called as “marketplace ministers”, sent into the business world to plant seeds of the Gospel, bless the world with their gifts and claim territories for the kingdom of God.   “There are different kinds of […]

4 Examples of Entrepreneurs in the Bible

Here are 4 great examples of entrepreneurs in the bible: Abraham Abraham was a successful businessman in the cattle industry of his time.  He owned plenty of livestock and was in charge of groups of herdsmen employees who managed the livestock on his behalf (Genesis 13:2, Genesis 13:8). The nature of his business allowed Abraham […]

8 Scriptures That Will Improve The Way You Do Business

The Bible is a book like no other – full of wisdom, inspiration, motivation and lessons for living.  It touches on every area of human concern, either directly or indirectly, including the area of business.   Jesus often used parables that were set in a marketplace context, which are still very much relevant today.  The […]