8 Scriptures That Will Improve The Way You Do Business

The Bible is a book like no other – full of wisdom, inspiration, motivation and lessons for living.  It touches on every area of human concern, either directly or indirectly, including the area of business.   Jesus often used parables that were set in a marketplace context, which are still very much relevant today.  The […]

7 Faith-Based Books for Business and Personal Development

Reading is a habit you will need to regularly cultivate if you want to grow and develop yourself. By this I mean reading excellent quality material such as the Bible and faith-based books that will help your understanding or application of scriptural truths.  If you’re serious about building a successful business or anything else in […]

3 Ways to Think Bigger and Aim Higher

One thing that sets apart many successful individuals is their ability to think big and aim high.  If you want to achieve extraordinary results you need to think extraordinary thoughts and take extraordinary action.  The problem is that our natural environment mostly conditions us to be “realistic” or to “play it safe” by thinking small. […]